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How To Choose Jewelry That Complements Your Summer Tan

Summer is the season of heat. The days are filled with bright rays of sun and people spend more time outdoors. Lounging by the pool, playing in the sand at the beach and long afternoon walks become everyday occurrences during the warm months of summer. However, all of the time spent outdoors leads to a curious side effect: tans.

During summer, skin tones change as time outdoors increases. Depending on your natural skin tone, the severity of the change in skin color can vary from dramatic to barely noticeable. For light skin tones, the change can be extremely noticeable. Darker skin tones, however, can produce little to no change. But regardless of natural skin tone, it’s important to accessorize appropriately throughout the warm months of summer and create a look that complements summertime tans.

1)      Statement Necklace

Often, summertime tans change your entire appearance. You look refreshed, youthful and active. In order to capitalize on the benefits of your tan, opt for statement necklaces. As your skin tone changes throughout the summer, it’s important to create a unified look, and overstated necklaces are the perfect way to do so. Typically, overstated is associated with big and bold. Large accessories are wonderful, but it’s important to think outside the box as well. Often, the perfect statement necklace merely involves a clever design that serves to create a cohesive look. This summer, use your tan as a focal point and embrace the summer months with themed statement jewelry, like the Crab Pendant.

2)      Platinum

Platinum is to the jewelry world what white is to the fashion world. Summertime is all about white: white dresses, white pants, white outfits. It seems as if white is everywhere, and there’s an explanation. Not only is white the unofficial color of summer fun, but it also looks great against darker skin tones because it stands out and breaks up an outfit. As skin tones get naturally darker throughout the summer, platinum is the perfect way to complement your skin. It creates a vibrant and youthful look that is both interesting and fresh.

3)      Bright Colors

For summertime skin, it’s all about bright colors. Whether your skin is naturally a darker hue or it’s all because of a killer summer tan, bright colors serve as a playful contrast. This summer, the best colors include aqua blue, coral, and pink.