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This Father’s Day Think “Inside the Box”

The month of June announces the beginning of summer, the start of vacations, and the frantic scramble to find a Father’s Day gift that dad will actually appreciate—in other words, something besides the sad necktie that seems to be the fallback...

Three Earrings Every Woman Needs to Own

Earrings are a fundamental part of an outfit. Because earrings rest near a woman’s face, they are one of the first items noticed by a viewer. In fact, earrings are often part of a person’s first impression. Because of this, it is especially...

To Diamond or Not to Diamond: Are Non-Diamond Engagement Rings a Wise Choice?

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Whether they’re round brilliant cut, princess cut, or pear-shaped, diamonds are a timeless emblem of love and longevity. Diamonds signify a deep-abiding love between two people.

However, the use...

Top Fashion Trends From the 2014 Awards Season

After the dazzling and star-studded red carpet of last week’s Oscars, another Hollywood award season has come to an end. This year’s season of fashion was flooded with breathtaking choices. From Lupita Nyong'o’s princess-inspired gown at the...

Top Jewelry Trends for 2015

The New Year isn’t simply a time for resolutions; it’s also a time in which fashion trends are reinvented and accessories are reimagined. This year, the trends are decidedly simple: bold and feminine. From gorgeous wedged sandals to long dresses...