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Unique & Custom Jewelry Articles

Traditional Engagement Ring Styles

When it comes time to choose an engagement ring, style is paramount. Because the ring will be worn everyday with every outfit, it’s crucial that the ring’s style matches the bride’s inner self. When it comes to engagement ring style, there are...

Traveling With Jewelry | 3 Things You Should Know About Traveling With Jewelry

Jewelry Travel Tips: 3 Things You Should Know

Traveling is never simple. Even the most experienced travelers occasionally experience travel anxiety, particularly when traveling with their jewelry. Between airport security...

Traveling With Jewelry: What to Bring

In the modern world, travel is for everyone. Between airline miles, fuel-saving cars and a wealth of information on the Internet, travelling has become a pastime for many. As travel becomes more and more commonplace, it becomes more frequent as...

Trend Alert: Nature Inspired Jewelry

This season, jewelry and nature are joining forces to create incredible pieces of wearable art. It’s no secret that spring is about blooming flowers, fresh growth, and renewed sunlight. Follow nature’s lead this season by opting for jewelry...

Twenties Nouveau: How The Great Gatsby Is Inspiring a Rebirth of the Glamourous “Roaring Twenties”

Art Nouveau—literally “New Art” in French— was a popular and iconic art movement that was prominent in Europe during the late nineteenth century. Art Nouveau encouraged the creation of art that was new, beautiful, and easily incorporated into...