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Unique & Custom Jewelry Articles

What Your Engagement Ring Says About You

Accessories are indicators of how we wish to represent ourselves to others. What we choose to wear and how we choose to wear it conveys a lot about who we are, what we care about, and how we want to be perceived. The complexity of the message...

What Your Engagement Ring Style Says About You

Engagements are exciting, and what’s even more exciting is that the excitement never ends. From sharing engagement ring bling on social media to wearing your gorgeous rock every single day for the rest of your life, your engagement ring will...

What’s the Right Age For Children to Start Wearing Jewelry?

When selecting designer jewelry for a loved one, we may stop to ask ourselves whether or not they will like what we’ve chosen for them, but how often do we stop to ask ourselves if they are old enough to receive the gift? Say for instance, you...

When Is The “Right” Time To Give Jewelry?

Jewelry is often thought of as a means of expressing love—specifically romantic love—and commitment to one special person. Traditionally, jewelry is a romantic token given at the start of relationship and then again on...

When To Wear Cufflinks | The Three Things Every Man Should Know About Wearing Cufflinks

The Art of Cufflinks

When it comes to men’s jewelry, it can be hard to stand out. Because watches are typical attire, they rarely convey individuality. And although impressive, rings are often difficult to master....