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The Enduring Elegance of Vintage Wedding Styles and Designer Jewelry

If you’re the type of gal who watches old Aubrey Hepburn movies and wistfully thinks to yourself, “I was born in the wrong time period,” then you are in luck because vintage styles are coming back in style.

There are several different...

The Stunning Opulence of Royal Jewelry

Obviously there are certain perks to being royalty—having a personal valet, wearing the best clothes imaginable, and donning the most exquisite pieces of jewelry. Throughout the centuries, royals have been dabbling in and refining the art of...

Top Fashion Trends From the 2014 Awards Season

After the dazzling and star-studded red carpet of last week’s Oscars, another Hollywood award season has come to an end. This year’s season of fashion was flooded with breathtaking choices. From Lupita Nyong'o’s princess-inspired gown at the...

White Hot: Unique Summer Jewelry Trends

This summer is all about the unexpected. Whether you’re looking to stand out, stay on trend or take your wardrobe to the next level, jewelry is the way to do it. Jewelry is a game changer because it is simple, portable and versatile. Unlike...

Winter Jewelry Trends: Cozy Gems

As the weather changes and becomes colder, wardrobes do as well. From darker hues to warmer materials, a change in seasons is visually apparent. Luckily, shorter days and cozier nights are cause for slight modifications to jewelry accessories as...