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Proposal Ideas

The Romance of Natural Wonders — Bioluminescence

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If your heart is set on a destination proposal, no location may be more awe-inspiring than the Bioluminescent Bay on the Southern shore of Isla de Vieques in Puerto Rico. On a dark night lit only by a crescent moon, travel by boat through the shallow waters of this romantic lagoon.

The water teems with microscopic fluorescent organisms that light when disturbed so that the boat’s wake pattern glows a brilliant blue-white, illuminating an aura of light around you and your love. In this intimate setting, propose to her and reveal to her a Mark Schneider engagement ring, radiant in the light that emanates from this natural phenomenon.


Light Up the Night Sky — Lantern Festival

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Wish lanterns light the night sky during celebrations year-round in many Asiatic countries, and if that seems beyond your reach, you can plan a lantern release in your own city. One of the most spectacular of these celebrations is the festival of Loy Kratong held in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where lovers are drawn to the riverbanks to float candles on the surface of the water and set lanterns free into the sky.

Such an incandescent sky would make an amorous backdrop for a marriage proposal. Once the ring is on her finger, you can release a lantern of your own and make a wish for your lustrous future together.


A Heart of an Island — Tavaura

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Plan a trip with your love to Tahiti and take a helicopter ride over the vibrant Tahitian islands. On a grand scale in dark bricks to contrast with the white shore, write the question “Will you marry me?” on the coast of the heart-shaped Tavarua Island. Propose to her as you fly together over this picturesque island.

If something less extravagant fits her personality better, write the question in the sand at a local beach, take a walk along the shore together, and propose to her when you reach your message.



The City of Love — Paris

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In Paris, the city of lovers, the bridges over the River Seine are coated in locks initialed and secured there by couples in love, and the floor of the river is sprinkled with their keys so that these emblems of their romance can never be removed. The tradition of love padlocks has spread to many metropolitan areas throughout Europe, and if a European vacation is not in your plans, you can bring the tradition to a bridge in your own town by placing the first lock.

Propose on a bridge like this and after she accepts, affix to the bridge a lock engraved with your names and toss its key into the river below.


Whimsical Castle at the Beach — DIY

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If she’s a beach girl at heart, make her feel like a princess with a proposal inside a life-size sand castle. Master sand sculptors travel the world creating awe-inspiring sand sculptures for competitions and media attention.

Find out when the next sand sculpture contest is coming to your area, and collaborate with one of the artists to create a romantic setting where you can ask for her hand in marriage. She will appreciate your hard work and creativity!



Picnic on Top of the World — Day Hike

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For an outdoorsy girl, plan a hiking date at the most beautiful mountain range nearest to you. As you walk together along a remote hiking path, you both can enjoy breathtaking views of waterfalls, meadows, lakes, trees, and mountains.

When you reach the summit, send her on an errand and set up your surprise picnic. For a more elaborate picnic, set up the day before, but make sure not to leave food that bears can find! Pop the question during the picnic or hide the ring in the crevace of a tree when she's not looking, and tell her to carve your initials on a spot nearby so she can discover it! 


Skywriting Surprise

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Go to a park or a beach and hire a skywriter to write “Marry Me” above you, and when she sees your message, get down on one knee and propose. Everyone nearby will see your heartfelt words in the sky while you and your love enjoy this special moment alone together. 

To take it up a notch, if your partner is adventurous, arrange for an airplane ride adventure, and when you get up in the air, point out the skywriting as if you are just noticing it, and watch as the words take shape. If your skywriter makes a heart and your pilot is game, make it an unforgettable moment and fly through the center of it as you are making your proposal. 


Dinner and a Movie — With a Little Something Extra

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Make the classic dinner and a movie date unforgettable with a surprise proposal. If you’d like to surprise her at a romantic restaurant, have the waiter deliver a menu with your proposal written inside, or have the chef spell out your proposal in chocolate syrup on the edge of her dessert plate. 

For a more unusual proposal, arrange ahead of time for the theater to run a specially prepared "advertisement" featuring your proposal on the screen before the movie begins. Be bold and clear with your message, or dare to cleverly include the words in something that looks like a regular movie ad. She may see it a few times before she notices!


Floating above the Sunset — MAJESTIC WONDER

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If you’re seeking a proposal with an element of adventure, propose to her while gliding on a gentle breeze high above a picturesque landscape in a hot air balloon. The excitement of the ride, and the beauty of the view are a winning combination for setting the stage for a romantic moment. 

Pop the question when you’re surrounded by the vibrant colors of the sunset, and enjoy a bottle of champagne and a limo ride home when you come down.