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Best Jewelry Colors for Dark Skin Tones

Skin tone is a tricky thing. There are two main categories of skin tones: warm and cool. Although they sound similar, skin color and skin tone are actually different. People with dark skin do not necessarily possess a warm skin tone. Similarly, people with light skin do not necessarily have a light or “cool” skin tone. To determine your skin tone, check the color of your veins in the sun. If they appear green or yellow under direct sunlight, then you probably have a warm skin tone. Another telltale sign of warm skin tones is if your skin doesn’t burn in the sun. Because skin tone is such an important element of your overall appearance, it’s important to dress accordingly. To best highlight warm skin tones, follow the simple tips below.

1)Yellow Gold

Yellow gold jewelry is a warm toned person’s best friend. Because of the natural undertones in warm toned people, yellow gold jewelry highlights the natural warmth and radiance found in the skin. Warm skin tones have natural undertones of gold and yellow. Yellow gold complements the gold in your skin and is the perfect choice for those with warm skin tones. By choosing jewelry that is made from metals that complement your skin tone, you’re ultimately ensuring that your jewelry does not distract from your overall look. In other words, metal type is very important!

2)Earth Tones

Earth tone colors are the best choice for people with warm skin tones. These colors include orange, brown, turquoise, and yellow. It’s important to choose jewelry colors that go well with your skin tone because the wrong color can make skin appear unhealthy or even sickly. However, choosing the right color for your skin tone is a simple way to help your skin look youthful, radian,t and healthy. Generally, the best gemstones for warm skin tones are those that are earth tones. Earth tone gemstones include: Citrine, Emeralds, Topaz, and Agate.

You should always feel free to experiment with your own skin tone. Every skin tone is different and it’s important to find the particular colors that best match your unique palette. In addition, it’s entirely possible to fall somewhere between warm and cool skin tones. If that is the case, play around with different colors to find the best hues for your skin.