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Everything You Need to Know About the Mark Schneider Secret Heart

Engagement rings are meant to be unique. The ring represents a bond between you and your one true love. However, it also serves as a symbol to the rest of the world that you are committed to one another. Sometimes, it’s hard to balance the two purposes: a symbol just for you and a symbol for everyone else.  That is where the Secret Heart comes in. Unlike the large diamond at the center of the ring or the sparkling band that wraps around her finger, the Secret Heart is hidden. It’s a tiny heart that is placed on every Mark Schneider engagement ring—a private reminder, just for the two of you. But it’s also more than that. Here’s everything you need to know about the Secret Heart.

The Hidden Message
The Secret Heart is beautiful in its own right. It’s a tiny gold heart, that subtly rests on the side of the band. However, the Secret Heart has a secret of its own: the hidden message. The Secret Heart reads, “Love you forever.” In the same way that the heart is hidden, the message is hidden as well. Instead of being a flashy reminder for everyone else, the hidden message serves as a gentle reminder of your love. The Secret Heart is a special secret, just for the two of you. 
It’s Optional
Even though all Mark Schneider engagement rings come with the Secret Heart, it is entirely optional. If you would prefer to have an engagement ring without the heart, it’s not a problem. Simply contact the store or tell your jeweler. At Mark Schneider Design, all of the designs are unique, customizable, and that includes the Secret Heart.
It’s Only the Beginning
When it comes to customizing your engagement ring and adding unique meaning, the Secret Heart is simply the beginning. Whether you want a custom engagement ring design that is entirely unique or you want to create a design that is a combination of two different rings, don’t be afraid to talk to your jeweler. Voicing your concerns and desires is the best way to ensure that you get the ring of your dreams. However, there are subtler ways to add meaning as well: custom engravings. Engravings can be made on the inside or outside of the band and can have any message that you wish. The process of picking an engagement ring is the perfect time be creative, so don’t be afraid to speak up. 
Create Your Own Meaning
The best part about the Secret Heart is that it is personal. Whether you’re traveling for work, deploying with the military, or simply spending late nights in the office, the Secret Heart serves as a constant reminder for your spouse that your heart is always there, even if you are far away. The Secret Heart is a beautiful, subtle addition to an already perfect engagement ring.