August and October, two of the most popular months to get engaged, are rapidly approaching. In other words, engagement ring shopping is in full swing. As brides and grooms across the nation begin to look for engagement rings, there’s something important they might have missed: now is the best time to buy a wedding band for the groom as well. Even though it may seem like you have tons of time to worry about buying a wedding band, it’s often best to buy them at the same time. The truth is that buying a matching set is the easiest way to create a cohesive, effortless look for both the bride and the groom.  In fact, if both you and your bride are lusting after a gorgeous, unique design then a matching set is often the best choice. Here are three spectacular pairings:

1.     Absolute and Blissful

Throughout the centuries, women have received gorgeous wedding rings. Boasting sparkling diamonds, unique designs, and stunning craftsmanship, female wedding rings used to steal the show. Luckily, things have changed. Even though female rings have remained as gorgeous as ever, men’s rings have evolved throughout the years. Gone are the days when men’s weddings bands were an afterthought. Today, there are countless rings for men to choose from and the Absolute band is one of the best. With a flat band at the top and small artistic indentations, Absolute is the perfect mixture of simple, interesting, and modern. It also serves as the perfect match for the Blissful engagement ring. Keeping with the modern theme, the Blissful ring is unique without going overboard. Both sides of the ring come together in the center to form a triangular indention and the diamond sits on top.

2.     Empyrean and Enchantment

With twisting sides, tiny diamonds and a streak of black, Empyrean is unlike any wedding band you’ve ever seen. Instead of opting for a single color or design, Empyrean effortlessly combines multiple styles to create a cohesive look that is sure to steal the show. The combination of Empyrean and Enchantment is a match made in wedding ring heaven. Enchantment is bold yet intricate, and busy yet simple. With twisting sides and a large diamond in the center, Enchantment isn’t too modern or traditional. Instead, it’s a combination of multiple styles. It’s a series of contradictions that come together to create a stunning one-of-a-kind ring. Together, they are unstoppable.

3.     Signet and Breathtaking

In 2016, women aren’t the only ones who get to wear a ring with a stunning center stone. Signet is the perfect combination of masculine mystique and old-school glamour. With a stunning gemstone center, Signet is a ring for men who like bling and aren’t afraid to show it. Combined with the Breathtaking ring for her, Signet is a showstopper that is sure to garner envious stares. In the same way Signet is bold and powerful, Breathtaking is a statement ring that doesn’t disappoint. The two sides of the band reach a crescendo in the center of the ring and push the center diamond toward the sky. This is a pairing you won’t want to miss.