Your Custom Design is Waiting

Sometimes finding the perfect ring (or pendant, earrings, etc) can be a challenge. At Mark Schneider, we specialize in creating custom, one of a kind jewelry made just for you.  With over 35 years of experience, our jewelers are masters are working with precious metals and gemstones.

From the beginning design discussions to seeing your completed piece of jewelry, we will guide you every step of the way. This is our passion and we can't wait to make something beautiful for you!

Our Custom Process

Design & Sketch

It all starts with an idea and a conversation that we then translate into a sketch. Both Mark and our sketch artist, Briseida, will do a pencil sketch and, upon request, can do additional images with either watercolor paints or computer rendering.

Wax Carving

Once you approve your sketch, our master jeweler will hand carve your wax model for you to view. With the wax, you can touch the design in 3D and get a more accurate idea of how your finished piece of jewelry will look. 


Next we will cast your design in the metal of your choice. We use a process called lost wax casting, where your wax is secured in an investment crucible before being melted away. The remaining area is filled with molten metal, which then becomes your piece of jewelry!


After your casting is cleaned up, we will hand drill and set each of your stones. Whether you choose diamonds or colored gemstones, they can be set in any style that you desire - pave, channel, bezel, etc. Ask us to show you examples of setting styles!


When all of your stones are set securely, we will begin polishing your design to make sure it is perfectly finished for you! If you desire something other than a high polish finish on your ring, please don't hesitate to ask, as we can do many other finishes, such as satin, hammer, sandblast, etc. 


And just like that, your custom Mark Schneider jewelry is ready for you to wear and enjoy for generations! You will receive an appraisal, a certificate of authenticity, and any stone certifications that may come with the stones you have selected.