In many ways, a lot has changed in the past year. Gone are the days of traditional wedding décor and stuffy receptions. Instead, brides and grooms have set out to create a day they adore. But more importantly, they are committed to planning a celebration that involves their unique style, taste, and relationship. In fact, the cookie cutter white wedding dress isn’t even required anymore. Instead, brides have been opting for floral prints, two-piece dresses, and a variety of colors. Throughout the first few months of 2016, these trends have already become visible and the number of weddings that incorporate them is expected to increase as the year progresses. Whether you’re starting to plan your dream day or are still merely dreaming, we’ve put together the perfect list of wedding trends. And more importantly, we’ve outlined simple ways to include each trend on your big day.


1. Intimate Dinners

The number one trend for 2016 is intimate dinners. Instead of huge banquet halls filled with strangers, brides and grooms are opting for small, private celebrations that only include their closest friends and family. The reason for this is two-fold: less stress on the big day and more money in the bank. Instead of having to feed two hundred people, intimate dinners focus on providing superb food for thirty to fifty guests. The result? A low-key day where your favorite people surround you.


Tip: Whether you’ve always dreamed of a small wedding or a huge, outrageous affair, it’s easy to incorporate this trend. Sit down with your guest list and look at everyone who is invited. If you haven’t seen them, heard from them, or even talked to them within the past three years, it’s okay to cut them from the list.


2. Unique Prints

One of the most popular trends for 2016 is something you probably didn’t guess: patterned dresses. Brides are choosing fun patterns over traditional white gowns and the results are stunning. Similarly, brides have been opting for patterned bridesmaids dresses as well. Patterned dresses bring an element of playfulness to your big day and are the perfect way to stand out.


Tip: If patterned clothing isn’t your style, there’s another way to incorporate this trend. Opt for colored gemstone jewelry instead. Traditionally, bridal jewelry is platinum or gold with small diamonds, but 2016 trends are all about taking risks. To mix it up and add some color to your big day, try the Blue Chalcedony Earrings instead.


3. Soft Colors

Bridal dresses and guest lists aren’t the only things changing in 2016. One of the most prevalent trends this year has been the emergence of soft color palettes. From nudes to light pinks and everything in between, soft wedding colors have been spotted at weddings across the country. This trend is particularly great for table settings because the romantic hues set the stage for a beautiful evening.


Tip: One of the best ways to incorporate soft colors in your wedding is with flowers. Even if your wedding colors are slightly different, bouquets are the perfect way to add a touch of feminine romance. If you’re still skeptical, try adding one or two pink flowers to an otherwise neutral bouquet.


4. Mismatched Bridesmaids

The final wedding trend for 2016 is especially fun: mismatched bridesmaids. Instead of choosing one color for the bridesmaids’ dresses, brides have been opting for a mismatched look instead. The result is fun, interesting and unique.


Tip: The easiest way to incorporate this trend without going over the top is to choose a particular color and then have each girl pick a different shade. It’s perfect because everyone will still be in the same color, but the different shades will create an interesting contrast that will look great in photos.