Wedding season 2019 is here! As the next few months unfold, untold numbers of lush, spring blooms and warm temperatures will be guiding the season’s newest loves down the aisle. Carrying with them hopes and promises that only bridal celebrations can truly capture.

Ahhh weddings…… the dresses, the flowers, and of course, the wedding jewelry.

For those of us that walked-that-walk in the past, wedding season is special too. It offers us a delightful glimpse back onto our special day. When we donned the dress. Walked down the aisle. Exchanged wedding rings with our beloved to mark the start of our chosen commitments.

And that day, the wedding day that began your incredible journey has now become your wedding anniversary. A milestone to observe each year; to find a moment’s pause as a couple. To take stock in how far you’ve grown together.

So, how should you celebrate that moment between you and your spouse? The short answer is any way you want.

One beauty of post-nuptial bliss is that celebrating your relationship can happen on your terms. No extended family to consider, no activity arranging for out-of-towners, no external expectations to meet. Only you and your partner. Just like the moment the two of you stood together and said your vows.

Wedding anniversaries are celebrations you can craft to your unique, charming, and individual characteristics. Often less elaborate than “the big day” revelries, wedding anniversaries lean towards more private gatherings. With less focus on fanfare; but more moments of indulgent review.

Yes, indulging should be part of your anniversary! Quietly or, amongst a throng of your nearest and dearest. And, let Mark Schneider be a part of that indulgence. With jewelry pieces designed by the award-winning artist and craftsman Mark Schneider, gifting one of these unique treasures to your spouse as this years anniversary offering will renew and recharge your wedded bliss.


For those that prefer adhering to conventional etiquette rules when selecting a wedding anniversary gift, options are endless; both in ready-to-wear or custom jewelry designs. Refer to the anniversary gemstone guide most used by jewelers to start your traditionally inspired choice.

Wedding anniversary rejoicers can rely on Mark Schneider Designs for pieces that are as enduring as the traditions they represent. Green peridot, the first-anniversary gemstone, is beautiful as a reminder of your first year together.Escape Earrings - Mark Schneider Design

What if it’s your third, seventh, or fifteenth anniversary? Work with a jewelry designer that incorporates traditional gemstones in a custom designed piece.

What a lovely way to create your own uniquely crafted traditions.


FOR THE ROMANTIC COUPLESapphire Brilliance Ring - Mark Schneider Design

When casting rose petals on coverlets and sharing chocolate fondue is your idea of perfect couple time, you might be a couple of the romantic variety. Express your romantic nature on your wedding anniversary. Surprise your love with a piece of jewelry as extravagant as your relationship. Gemstones, cut to faceted perfection by a master jeweler are the right choice to make your love swoon all over, once again. Make the gift extra special with a carefully crafted presentation of it. Perhaps over a romantic dinner? While on a stroll at sunset? Or confess the details of your love while offering the gift from bended knee.



Are you a couple that loves to celebrate your quirks and eccentricities? Perhaps the bride wore a favorite pair of runners with a princess-fantasy gown at the wedding, or the groom insisted on Billy Idol's "White Wedding" for the first dance? If less than ordinary is your go-to as a couple, custom designed jewelry is the only way to go. Mark Schneider Designs can incorporate all your notions of whimsy into an anniversary gift customized for your one-and-only partner.rhythm - mark schneider design



Couples that exude confidence, both together and apart, may opt for anniversary jewelry that reflects their courage and vivacity. Mark Schneider Designs has options to help daring couples celebrate their anniversary with jewelry designs that are as bold as they are. Award-winning and visually heart-stopping, Mark Schneider designs consistently take center stage, both on their own and on the individual who dons them.

Bat Lapel Pin - Mark Schneider DesignFlourishing Tanzanite Earrings - Mark Schneider Design

Contempo Pearl Ring - Mark Schneider Design

While wedding anniversaries are a good excuse to spoil your bride or groom, they also serve as a reminder that you and your partner chose each other. A day to reflect on, not just what brought you together, but what has carried you this far. And, how that commitment to each other got you through obstacles neither of you expected.

Your journey together has undoubtedly been unique, challenging, vulnerable, and rewarding. And you’re still together. Stronger and more polished than you began, just like the jewelry you chose to symbolize your relationship.

Wedding anniversaries are worth commemorating with your spouse. It’s a milestone you’ve reached together, and hopefully, are better for it. We'd love to help you celebrate.