When it comes to jewelry, the possibilities are endless. Jewelry gurus often tout seasonal trends as the ultimate source for jewelry inspiration, but what about the classics? Here are three timeless jewelry pieces every woman should own. Season after season and year after year, these gorgeous items will stand the test of time.

1) Pearls

Not only are pearls gorgeous statement pieces, but they also present endless possibilities. Ranging from classic pearl stud earrings that provide a touch of sophistication, to unique designs that incorporate subtle color and flair, pearls are easily tailored to fit every style. Pearl necklaces, earrings and bracelets add a hint of elegance to every outfit. They are fabulous paired with more pearls, but also look effortlessly chic when paired with colored gemstones, diamonds or even the latest jewelry trend. For more pearl inspiration, check out Huffington Post’s recent round-up of “How Stars Wear Pearls.”

2) Diamonds

The old adage is classic for a reason; diamonds truly are a girl’s best friend. From sparkling engagement rings to studded earrings, diamonds have proven their longevity. The key to mastering this sparkling gem is quality over quantity. A few unique and breathtaking diamonds will act as finishing pieces for countless outfits in years to come.

3) Colored Gemstones

Colored gemstones are the cornerstone of fun and classy accessorizing. Ranging in cut, style and color, gemstone possibilities truly are endless. Shop around and find the color that suits your style and skin tone. Colors include red, blue, green and black, to name a few. Warm skin tones are best paired with yellows, greens and browns, while cool skin tones are best paired with pinks, purples, blues and reds. Confused about what “warm” and “cool” mean? Check out Yahoo!’s guide for determining skin tone type. Regardless of skin tone, Gemstones provide an effortless pop of color and complement any outfit. Feeling overwhelmed by options? Orange based hues are a great place to start. Because they are a neutral, non-obtrusive color, orange based hues not only work with both warm and cool skin tones, but also add subtle flair to an outfit without attracting too much attention.

Jewelry pieces are a beautiful mixture of personal style, natural inspiration and timeless gems. Whether you are a jewel newbie or a seasoned veteran, these three pieces will add sparkle and elegance to every collection.