The days of only men popping the question are over. Recently, brides-to-be have started asking a question of their own: “Will you be my bridesmaid?” Instead of merely asking the question verbally or with a small written note, women are now asking their bridesmaids-to-be in elaborate and thoroughly planned gestures. From fortune cookies with the question hidden inside to a puzzle that asks the question once completed, future brides are getting creative with asking their ladies to stand by them on their big day. One of the most popular ways for a bride to “pop the question” is with jewelry. Following in the tradition of an engagement ring, women have begun to ask their bridesmaids with beautiful pieces of bling.


One of the most popular ways for brides-to-be to ask the question is with a hidden surprise. Hidden surprises can be done in numerous ways, but a glass jar is certainly among the most creative. Fill a glass mason jar, or any glass that you like, with tissue paper or confetti and hide a piece of jewelry and small note inside. The note will read, “Will you be my bridesmaid?” The jewelry can range from a necklace to a bracelet, or even a simple ring. Add a note to the outside of the jar that states, “I said, ‘Yes.’ Will you?” Your soon-to-be bridesmaid will be filled with happiness when she finds her surprise.


If surprises aren’t to your liking then opt for a more classic approach. Create personalized pieces of jewelry for all of your bridesmaids and present them to your special ladies as you ask the question. In order to make this idea even more festive and themed, opt for matching designs for each gift and simply personalize the jewelry with a name or the date you “asked.”


In the same way you and your significant other will use rings at the ceremony to symbolize the endlessness of your love, ask your bridesmaid with a piece of circular jewelry. The women you ask to stand by your side will be a part of your wedding day forever. Use the notion of an endless circle to highlight the important role she will play on your big day.