When it comes to buying custom engagement rings, there’s a lot of misinformation. Despite what you may have heard, custom engagement rings won’t necessarily break the bank. In fact, it’s often more cost effective to work with a custom design instead of trying to alter a ring that already exists. Whether you want a custom ring for sentimental reasons, design purposes, or another reason altogether, the process is easier and more affordable than you may think. 

1. Give Yourself Time

This tip is probably the most important because the process typically takes about a month to complete. First, you need to meet with your jeweler and create a design you love. After that, the jeweler needs to design the ring. There are sketches, wax models, and a lot of other things that may require your approval. Because of that, it’s important to set a realistic timeline and leave more time than you think you need. The last thing you want is an incomplete engagement ring or a rushed finish. By leaving yourself time, you are allowing yourself to enjoy the process. It’s one of the best gifts.

2. Choose Your Jeweler

Even though this is the second tip, it’s equally as important as the first. When you create a custom engagement ring, you are also creating a partnership with the jeweler. In the same way you and your future spouse are working together to create your perfect ring, the jeweler is working with you as well. It’s a three-way partnership that should be filled with respect, understanding, and communication. Don’t be afraid to go into the store and schedule a consultation with the jeweler. Reputable jewelers offer free consultations and are happy to meet with you to learn about your needs. When you meet with a designer, be sure to ask questions about the process and the timeline.

3. Do Your Research 

There’s a good chance that you know the “Four C’s” (cut, color, clarity, and carat), but what you may not know is that all four of them work together to create the diamond of your dreams. In fact, there isn’t one “C” that is most important. Instead, it all depends on the style you prefer and the look that you want. Which brings us to the next point: look at rings and see what you like. Even though you will be designing your own ring, it’s important to have a base understanding of your tastes and preferences. Look through the different engagement ring styles and create a taste profile for yourself, or even a Pinterest board full of inspiration. Often, it’s hard to verbally articulate exactly what you want or like because you may not know all of the different jewelry terms. Pictures help to bridge the gap between what you know you like and explaining it to another person.

Bonus Tip - One and Done

Even though you are currently focused on your engagement ring, don’t forget your wedding band. It is often easier and even cheaper to create both at the same time. After the engagement ring is created, it might be hard to find a pre-existing wedding band that will perfectly match. In order to save yourself a future headache, be sure to talk to your jeweler about your wedding band as well.