This year, New York Fashion Week was alight with shimmering gems. From over the top dresses to stunning footwear, the runways were filled with glamorous new trends. However, the models’ jewelry stole the show. Colorful bracelets and remarkable necklaces were the true stars of New York Fashion Week. As designers and department stores prepare to launch spring collections, it’s time to prepare for spring accessories as well. Not all runway ensembles are worth the splurge, but the three pieces below are most definitely worth it. When splurging on jewelry, it’s important to choose pieces that are edgy yet still wearable, and trendy yet classic. The following items most certainly fit the bill.

1) Asymmetrical Earrings

The Fashion Week runway was brimming with spectacular earrings and the thing they all had in common was unexpected: asymmetry. For earrings, the latest trend is misaligned ear wear. From earrings that were literally different colors to designs that were dissimilar shapes, asymmetrical earrings will be making a huge splash this spring. In order to enjoy the trend and still buy jewelry that is classic, opt for earrings that incorporate elements of asymmetry but still create a cohesive look. In other words, splurge on earrings that play with symmetry but avoid extremes. The Flourishing Tanzanite Earrings are the perfect example.

2) Contemporary Neck Wear

Necklaces were a huge focal point on the runway this year. In fact, in many cases the necklaces stole the spotlight. There were outrageous chokers, massive gemstone plates and colors galore. Sadly, many of the spotlighted pieces were slightly over the top for daily wear. But the good news is that contemporary neckwear is easy to incorporate in your daily attire and is definitely worth the splurge. The number one lesson to be learned from the runway necklaces is simple: bold and contemporary is best. When choosing a necklace to splurge on, opt for styles that are true statement pieces and boast a contemporary shape. If you’re unsure of where to start, try The Celestial Drusy Pendant.

3) Dainty Rings

In many ways, the Fashion Week trends were heavily focused on bold jewelry pieces. However, rings were definitely the exception. Instead of statement rings, the runways were filled with dainty and understated accessories for fingers. Serving as a stark and carefully placed contrast to the bold accessories worn near the face, small rings provided the perfect finish to the Fashion Week runway outfits. Embrace this trend by opting for rings that are small, thin, and understated.