With the start of each season, comes a new wardrobe. Summer dresses are stored away in favor of winter scarves and flip flops are shoved in closets as boots are brought out. As wardrobes slowly begin to change, there is one piece of clothing that quickly becomes synonymous with winter: the coat. Even though your outfit underneath will change, your outer coat will remain the same. Because of this, it can often appear that you are wearing the same thing day in and day out. The coat obscures the view of your outfit, but even beyond that, it also obscures your jewelry. Chances are that you’ve experienced a winter season where all of your photos look the same; the background might change, but your smiling face and drab winter coat remain the same. The best way to avoid winter clothing pitfalls? Jewelry. We’ve uncovered the six best way to accessorize this winter, coat and all.  


When the weather is truly cold, you’re bundled up in a coat, scarf, hat, and gloves. This means that your neck, wrist, and fingers are all obscured from view. In other words, none of your jewelry is visible. No matter how gorgeous your coat is, it’s important to accessorize with jewelry in order to differentiate between your outfits. The best way to do that is with earrings. Unlike the rest of your body, your ears are still visible when you’re wrapped up. The type of earring you choose to wear will depend on whether or not you are wearing a scarf. If you’re wearing a scarf, it’s best to stick with stud earrings, which are perfect to wear with scarves because they won’t clash. If you’re not wearing a scarf, feel free to experiment with earrings that dangle or drop. The Pearl Earrings would be an excellent choice because they add the perfect amount of drama to your outfit.


Throughout the past few years, pins have been making a comeback. Pinned to everything from handbags to hair, current fashion trends have proven that pins are here to stay. Luckily, pins are perfect for winter weather as well. Even though your body may be hidden under a coat, your pin can be proudly displayed for all to see. One of the best places to attach a pin is your jacket lapel. It’s a place that is obvious without being over the top. Also, if you’re wearing winter gear like a hat and scarf, don’t be afraid to pin your brooch directly on your winter accessories. Without a doubt, the Agate Butterfly in Flight pin is perfect for the winter months because of its warm, bright colors.


If you’re wearing gloves, rings aren’t the best option for jewelry, but the truth is that many days aren’t cold enough for gloves. If it’s a brisk day that requires a coat but no gloves, then it’s the perfect time to accessorize with a ring. Because it will be your only visible accessory, don’t be afraid to think big. Opt for bold designs that catch your eye like the Exquisite Black Pearl Ring. Because of the season’s dark and demure clothing color palette, winter is the perfect time to experiment with fun colors and shapes. Whether it’s a light pink, deep purple, or gorgeous structure, don’t be afraid to think outside the box.