Summertime comes with many exciting things: sunshine filled days, warm starry nights and delicious ice cream cones. But most importantly, the summer months bring a change in wardrobe. After months of hiding in heavy winter jackets and cowering under umbrellas during spring rains, it is finally time to shed the weight of winter clothes. Summertime is synonymous with dresses that flow, lightweight sandals and simple cardigans. As your wardrobe transitions to the summer months, it’s important that your jewelry follows suit. To ensure that your bling is ready, follow these simple steps.

1) Thin
This summer, dainty pieces of jewelry are all the rage. In the same way that it’s time to retire your winter coat for the season, it’s time to temporarily set aside bulky jewelry. Of course, there are some exceptions (like beautiful statement necklaces in turquoise or coral), but as a general rule, summer is reserved for thin pieces of jewelry that match the weather. Necklaces with thin chains, understated gemstone rings, and slim bracelets are the perfect place to start. In fact, the Mandarin Garnet Halo Ring is the ideal piece for a summer wardrobe. Although the ring boasts a large gemstone, the overall design is slim and streamlined, thus creating the ultimate summer accessory.

2) Gold
During the golden months of summer, people tend to spend more time outdoors. After all, the weather is pristine and it seems like the days will never end. In many ways, jewelry made with gold is a natural extension of summertime weather. It is bright, beautiful, and utterly unique. Gold jewelry also serves as the perfect complement to sun kissed skin. If you’re unsure of where to start with gold, opt for a simplistic pair of earrings. Earrings are a great way to showcase a piece of jewelry without going overboard.

3) Flow
In order to dress appropriately for each season, it’s important to pay attention to the cycle and flow of the natural world. For summertime accessorizing, “flow” is a particularly important word because it is a central theme for summer jewelry. Instead of opting for pieces that are heavy or stagnant, choose jewelry pieces that loosely hang off your body. For example, dangling earrings are a perfect choice for hot summer days. Summer dressing is about loose clothing, fun prints, and relaxed ensembles; flowing jewelry is a natural extension of that.