Forty hours a week are spent in the office. For some people, the “office” is actually a classroom, hospital, or numerous other work environments. But regardless of the location, full-time employees spend a lot of time on the job. Because of this, it’s important to accessorize appropriately. Even beyond that, it’s critical to feel good in what you’re wearing, and that includes jewelry. Some jobs may have wardrobe restrictions, but for those with the freedom to choose, follow these simple tips for office accessories.

1) Personality
In most work environments, personality is valued. Whether you have an insightful opinion about a product or are simply sharing photos from a recent family vacation, employers recognize that the office is a place in which employees should be able to be his or her self. Luckily, this philosophy also translates to accessory choices. Working in the corporate world does not need to dictate your personal style. Although there are some rules that may need to be followed, there is plenty of space for personalized jewelry selections. If you like bold designs, but your job requires a suit, then opt for necklaces with stunning patterns. Use jewelry as a way to subtly stand out—by being you.

2) Earrings
Earrings are ideal for the office. They are both incredibly versatile and non-intrusive. Many jobs require constant activity from the wrist down. Whether you are shaking clients’ hands or typing on a keyboard, other accessories can easily get in the way. The solution is simple: earrings. Whether you prefer studs or designs that dangle, the options are endless. Allow your wrists and hands to be free for work and choose earrings instead.

3) Neutral Colors
Neutral colors are absolutely ideal for the office. Although bright colors can be fun, it is typically best to choose colors that blend in and don’t cause a distraction. Jewelry in neutral hues ensures that you and your work are always the focal point. The best colors for the office are orange, yellow, clear, and black. One of the best gemstones for office wear is agate. The different hues of agate ensure that no one color is overwhelming, but it still stands out in all the right ways. The Mosaic Agate Earrings are the perfect choice for the workplace.