Mark is working on his project for the American Jewelry Design Council (AJDC). Each year, AJDC chooses a theme, and based on that theme, each member creates a one-of-a-kind piece for artistic value only, not for sale.  If you want to see what the AJDC is all about, check out their website http://ajdc.org/

This year’s project theme is “Ice.” While Mark brainstorms, we’re looking for your feedback and suggestions you might have for designing something using the theme “Ice.” For some inspiration, check out some of Mark’s past projects for AJDC.

Here is a link to see entries by other designers as well http://ajdc.org/ajdc-projects/

Keep checking back and you can follow this project as Mark develops his interpretation of “Ice.” We will guide you through the process and eventually post an image of the completed project. This is Mark’s favorite project that he looks forward to each year because he gets to express himself without the constraints of making something for commercial value – it’s just for fun!