Occurring annually, the American Music Awards honor the year’s greatest musical artists. But surprisingly, music isn’t always center stage. This year’s attendees showcased fabulous fashion choices. The red carpet was filled with stunning dresses and futuristic heels. But even beyond that, the celebrities in attendance rocked the latest jewelry trends. From outlandish full finger rings to oversized necklaces, many attendees opted for fun jewelry, but the accessories that truly stole the show were noticeably simplistic. In fact, one of the evening’s best jewelry trends was remarkably simple: minimalism.

In a world in which “more” is the constant mantra, it’s often hard to notice when there is “enough.” However, both Jessie J and Heidi Klum truly understood the concept of elegant simplicity on the night of the American Music Awards. Both women wore minimal jewelry, but still seemed to shine brighter than attendees who were drowning in jewels. Of course, the secret to achieving a minimalistic look is choosing the right accessories. Instead of wearing numerous jewelry pieces that were nice, Klum and Jesse J wore a few simple pieces that were spectacular.

Heidi Klum walked the red carpet in a black and pink shirt/skirt combination. With her hair slicked back in a tight bun, she looked both fresh and youthful. Her jewelry was merely the cherry on top. With a bare neck and two empty wrists, Klum decided to focus her energies on securing the perfect statement ring and stud earrings. By keeping her accessories simple and clean, Klum’s outfit was able to achieve its full potential. Jessie J also opted for a simple look.

In a clean white pantsuit, Jessie J’s outfit was crisp and sharp. Like Klum, Jessie J opted for slicked back hair. Instead of a bun, she wore her hair parted in the middle, tucked behind her hairs and removed from her face. As a result, her neck was noticeably bare. Instead of filling the space with a necklace, Jessie J chose to use the spot as a way to highlight the clean cut of her jacket collar. Wearing only stud earrings and two simple rings, Jessie J ensured that the focus would be on her stunning face and gorgeous clothes.

Although it is often tempting to wear countless items at once, it’s fun to choose a minimalistic look once in awhile. After all, less jewelry ensures that you are the true star of the show.