History of Diamonds

The hardest substance on earth, diamond is also the most treasured gem. Once only afforded by kings and aristocracy, diamond is the most sought after gem for all occasions and the gem of choice for engagement rings. Diamond symbolizes lasting love and friendship, inspires loyalty and romance and is thought to encourage a joyful life.

Diamond‘s name is derived from the Greek “Adamas” implying extreme hardness. Diamond is the hardest natural material on earth and also the most efficient conductor of heat.

Diamond Jewelry

Hollywood celebrities have fueled the passion and romance of owning that one of a kind large diamond. Elizabeth Taylor sold her 69 carat D color Flawless pear shape, given to her by the late Richard Burton and known as the Taylor Burton diamond, for $5 million to help build a hospital in Botswana. Mariah Carey boasts a $2.5 million emerald cut with large trillion diamonds set on the side. Heidi Klum sports a $150,000 canary cushion cut. For those of us with more realistic budgets, we at Mark Schneider Design carry a large selection of loose  diamonds to fit every budget and ring style. Come in and view our perfectly cut “Heartstar” round diamonds, and our more affordable “Starlight” diamonds. Our Princess, Asschers Cushions, Radiants and Emerald cuts will also make your heart beat just a little faster.