Spring is about renewal and growth. The air is suddenly warmer and breezes are no longer arctic gusts of wind to be avoided at all costs. Instead, the sun’s rays are spreading warmth and flowers are beginning to bloom. Nights are slowly becoming longer and color has returned. The world is renewing itself, and it’s the perfect time to renew your wardrobe as well. Specifically, it’s the perfect time to revamp your jewelry collection and incorporate stunning new colors. To prepare your accessories for spring and brighten your outfits, incorporate these simple color tips below. You’ll be blooming like the flowers on the sidewalk in no time.

1)      SOFT HUES

Spring 2015 is all about soft colors, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t pack a visual punch. Light blue, turquoise, coral, and dark beige are all on trend for the upcoming spring months. When working with soft tones, it’s important to combine cool and warm. In other words, a cool tone like blue would be perfectly matched with a warm tone like mustard yellow. This spring, keep an eye out for unlikely matches and embrace the unexpected.

2)      TOP THREE

Although a few colors have been flagged as trendy, there are three in particular worth your attention: blue, medium pink, and gray. For this season, blue is huge and ranges from a grayish aquamarine to a dark turquoise and deep to green. The possibilities are endless with blues this spring, so don’t be afraid to mix and match. Pink is slightly trickier because the color is rather specific and has been labeled “Strawberry Ice.” However, various hues of medium pink are being incorporated in both fashion and jewelry so be sure to find the perfect tone for your skin. Gray is paired with both the blue and pink hues. If you’re unsure of where to start, opt for platinum jewelry with pink and blue colored gemstones.

3)      NEUTRAL

Although colors are delightful and daring, don’t forget about neutral tones like beige, marsala and yellow this spring. Neutral tones will serve as the perfect backdrop to bright spring colors. Although neutral tones and bold hues can be mixed, it’s also okay to wear the two separately. Embrace the spring season with bold colors, soft hues and a delightful mixture of the two.