This spring, there is one color on everyone’s mind: blue. Whether it is turquoise pumps or a gorgeous navy ring, blue is the talk of the season. Apart from aquamarine hues, blue is typically associated with winter months. After all, there are dark nights and the inevitable sparkling blue tones used throughout New Year’s celebrations. But this year, all bets are off. Instead of being saved for the winter months, blue hues have overtaken spring. There’s no better way to utilize blue than in jewelry. Because accessories are small, they are a simple way to integrate trends without going over the top. To incorporate this trend in your jewelry collection, follow the simple steps below.

1)Hair Color

As with any colored gemstone jewelry, it’s always important to consider the natural tones that are already present on your body. Although skin tone is an important factor to consider, hair color is even more crucial to successfully integrating brightly colored accessories. When it comes to the color blue, the rules are surprisingly simple. Blonde haired beauties are in luck with this trend because blue is actually the best accessory color for blonde hair. To further highlight your golden locks, opt for dark blue gemstone jewelry. For stunning red heads, the answer is simple: choose blue accessories with an undertone of green. Green hues will cause red hair to pop. For women with darker hair, like brown or black, choose jewelry that showcases lighter blue hues. The Aqua Feather Earrings would be the perfect place to start.


In addition to working with hair color, it’s also important to pay close attention to matching blues. Blue hues are particularly delightful because they can be mixed and matched. Unlike other colors, blue accessories can be paired with different shades of blue. For example, a dark blue pendant can be easily paired with light blue earrings. Never be afraid to think outside the box!

3) Rings

One of the most popular blue pieces this spring is small but mighty: rings. Whether the ring is dainty or large, spring will welcome an abundance of blue on fingers. In order to partake in this trend, it’s important to choose a ring that not only suits your personal fashion style, but also your lifestyle. In other words, choose a ring that you can wear regularly and not one that is only for special occasions. Although blue is a seasonal trend, it’s guaranteed to last must longer than a single fashion cycle.