If you've been following our blog for the past few weeks, you have seen the progress on an amazing piece that we've been calling the Chair Ring. This week, we have some more images for you. First, the raw casting.

And, what you've all been waiting for...the final product!

And here are a few words from the customer who received this beautiful piece of wearable art.

"Wow! That is the only word that came out of my mouth after receiving my chair ring! I was speechless. This is truly a masterpiece and proof that not only Mark with his genius, but his team, are true artisans and take pride in their work. There is no wonder that Mark gets award after award! I feel truly lucky and very honored to have had Mark and his team work on this idea for me. To see it's culmination is beyond my dreams! Your sprinkling of diamonds on the plate make it magical and stunning! I could just take a picture of the plate/seat of the chair and frame it! What a pleasure to work with you over a year. You kept me informed and provided me with great pictures all the way through the process. Your friendship has meant a lot to me! Thank you to everyone that worked with Mark and helped me. I will forever treasure this piece for the sentimental stones in it, but also for the work of art it is!"
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