Jewelry is often considered a go-to present. Not only is it personal and thoughtful, but it’s also fun and useful. After all, jewelry is worn everyday and can last a lifetime. However, gifting jewelry comes with a unique set of stresses. It can be difficult to determine the correct style, fit, and color. Often, you may find that you know a person extremely well, but have no knowledge of their taste in jewelry. To avoid frustration, uncertainty and stress, follow these simple tips for gifting jewelry. You’ll be an expert in no time.

1)      Look Together

Often, the concept of looking at jewelry together is reserved for engagement ring shopping. But the truth is that it’s great advice regardless of the occasion. No matter how well you know someone’s wardrobe or style, there is always the possibility of picking the wrong piece. To avoid the inevitable heartache of gifting an undesired piece of jewelry, shop together instead. If you’re still interested in the element of surprise, return to the store without the gift recipient and buy the piece without him or her present. The fact that you remembered the piece they loved will make the gift that much sweeter.

2)      Ask

When in doubt, ask. Instead of blindly guessing what piece would be perfect, simply ask the gift recipient what they are after. In any relationship, romantic or otherwise, communication is key and that has never been truer than with jewelry shopping. Never assume that you know what someone wants or needs. Communication will always lead to a better gift than you could have imagined.

3)      Investigate

If you are truly committed to the element of surprise, then investigation is critical. Never blindly purchase jewelry for another person. Instead, do research to establish the style of the gift recipient. In addition to style of jewelry, take note of color, size, and cut. Typically, people gravitate towards similar jewelry pieces, and once you determine the person’s individual style, you’ll be in the clear. If determining style is too difficult, or the gift recipient enjoys various styles of jewelry, then opt for a neutral piece that easily blends in. For example, the Mosaic Agate Earrings are perfect for everyone, regardless of style because of the neutral colors, classic shape, and geometric design.