Find the Perfect Earrings for Your Favorite Hairstyle

Jewelry is an integral part of every outfit. However, one item cannot stand alone. From hairstyles to jewelry and from makeup to shoes, everything must work together. In order to look your absolute best, it’s important to ensure that the different aspects of your outfit complement one another. The best and most noticeable place to start is with earrings and hairstyles.

Earrings range in style. Although there are seemingly endless options, there are seven main styles: teardrops, dangles, studs, chandeliers, hoops, huggies, and clusters.

Studs, hoops and huggies are perhaps the three most versatile. Studs are composed of a single stone or ball and sit directly on top of the earlobe. They can vary in size but are typically fairly small. Hoops run from the front of the lobe to the back, creating a circle. Huggies, although quite similar to hoops, are much smaller. They are often clamped to the ear in the back. These three options work well with almost every hairstyle, but if you’re looking to expand your selection, then it’s important to mix hair and earrings carefully.

Whether you have a fashionable new pixie crop or are sporting an updo for the evening, the best earrings for an unobstructed face are dangles. Dangles are fairly versatile as they are merely earrings that hang below the earlobe. They can range in style, gemstone, and even length. With short or pulled back hair, it’s extra important to highlight your face since your hair is no longer fulfilling that duty. By hanging down, dangles not only help elongate, but also draw the viewer’s eye upwards and towards the main attraction: your gorgeous face. As far as length, these Flourishing Tanzanite earrings are perfect. The standard rule for dangles is that they should not fall past the jawline.

For women with long, flowing locks, the best earrings are deceptively simple: clusters. Although they do not hang down, clusters provide endless possibilities. Like studs, clusters sit on the earlobe; unlike like studs, clusters can be made up of gemstones, rhinestones, or numerous other materials. Because long hair can often become trapped or tangled in dangling earrings, clusters are the perfect choice. They do not detract from flowing hair, but still provide an elegant touch.

For variations of long and cropped hair, teardrops and chandeliers are your go-to pieces. Because ponytails automatically elongate the face and body, teardrops are the perfect choice for providing balance. When hair is half up and half down, chandelier earrings can truly shine. Because hair is half back, it cannot get tangled, yet it still provides the perfect backdrop for bold chandelier earrings. Whatever your hairstyle, there is a perfect earring to match.