Traditionally, white diamonds have been the gemstone of choice for the most important ring a bride will ever receive; her engagement ring .  But because diamonds are found in every color of the rainbow, the possibilities and mystique of engagement rings set with a colored diamond as the center stone are endless. Soft blue diamonds, pastel pinks, sea foam greens, bright yellow canary diamonds, orange and even chocolate diamonds can add a whole new dimension of excitement and romance to an engagement ring.

Most natural color diamonds are rarer than their colorless and near colorless counterparts with natural blues, pinks, and reds requiring larger budgets, but a beautiful range of yellows to chocolate browns are very affordable and often surprise with their lower price per carat. Some engagement ring designs are enhanced with a colored diamond center, for example, rose gold rings are stunning with chocolate colored diamonds and white gold rings look sensational with bright yellow center diamonds.

The question is often asked: What do colored diamonds owe their color to? In the case of yellows and oranges, nitrogen has replaced carbon atoms in the diamond crystal and the greater the amount of nitrogen present, the stronger the yellow color. Blue diamonds owe their color to boron replacing carbon atoms. Pinks and browns result from excessive strain patterns in the diamond crystal. Green results from the diamond crystal’s exposure to geologically radioactive deposits close to the diamond pipe.

The National Gem Collection, housed in the Smithsonian, has an extraordinary collection of natural, saturated colored diamonds; the 45.5 carat grayish blue, cushion cut Hope Diamond thought to have come originally from India, the 30.62 Blue Heart diamond cut from rough mined at the Premier Mine in South Africa, 2.86 carat Williamson Pink pear shaped diamond from Tanzania and the 5.03 carat round Sydney De Young (a Boston jeweler) deep red diamond.  Other famous diamonds include the Dresden Green, housed in a museum in Dresden Germany, and the Incomparable or Golden Triolette, which, at 407.89 carats, was cut by master cutter Gabi Tolkowsky in 1984.

Many celebrities have opted for colored diamond engagement rings including Jennifer Lopez (pink), Salma Hayek (pink), Carrie Underwood (yellow), Katie Price (Pink), and Christina Aguilera (pink).

Some treated colored diamonds are affordable and very available. Diamonds that have been heat treated [HPHT] to enhance strong vibrant colors such as pinks, violets, and oranges, and diamonds that have been irradiated for strong blues and greens are safe to set and the colors are very stable. However, diamonds that have been coated for color enhancement should never be used in jewelry that has to withstand daily wear, such as rings. Coatings are temporary and cannot withstand ultrasonic treatment or heat.

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