Everyday Elegance: Incorporating Designer Jewelry

When it comes to designer jewelry, it’s hard to go wrong. From gorgeous rings to stunning pendants, each piece is breathtaking. But when it comes to daily life, is it possible to have too much of a good thing? We think the answer to that question is a definite “no.” But in order to seamlessly incorporate designer jewelry in your daily life, follow these simple tips.

1)      Quality over Quantity

For everyday elegance, always remember that quality is infinitely more important than quantity. In the same way, one real diamond is more exciting than five fake ones, one perfectly placed piece of fine jewelry is better than three mismatched pieces. Choosing one piece will create a look that is simple and elegant, instead of over the top. When wearing fine jewelry for a parent conference or lunch with friends, pick one stand-alone piece of jewelry that complements your entire outfit. Next, shine the spotlight on your chosen accessory.

2)      Center Stage

Once you’ve chosen your spotlight piece, ensure that it is center stage by wearing colors and cuts that work well with your skin tone and outfit. If you’re wearing a pair of studded gemstone earrings, wear your hair in a high bun to highlight the jewels on your ears. Because the earrings are the only piece of fine jewelry, this look is not overwhelming nor too dressy. Instead, it is the perfect mixture of balanced and show stopping. For example, these Blue Chalcedony Earrings are ideal for a gala, but would also look flawless with a simple cotton dress, high bun and flats during an afternoon coffee with friends.

3)      Sparkle Wisely

The primary reason gemstones can feel tricky for daywear is because of sparkle. Glittering gems bring to mind late night parties, fancy cocktails and glamorous awards. Because of this, it’s best to be aware of sparkling jewels and wear them thoughtfully. Dangling earrings laced with diamonds might seem impossible to pull off during your child’s lunchtime play date, but if you choose the right design, dangling earrings may be exactly what your outfit needs. The Labyrinth Agate & Garnet Earrings are a beautiful finish to an outfit for a ball, but because of the playful flower shape and cheerfulness of white gold, they could easily work for daytime as well.