A bridal diamond engagement ring proclaims a couple’s love for one another to the world: their joy, their commitment, their hope for the future. Since 1940 and the post second world war affluence,  Diamonds have enjoyed an increased popularity in the United States as the premiere choice for the center stone in engagement rings. Even the name “Diamond” comes from the Greek, “Adamas” meaning unconquerable. For the bride-to-be, this conjures up images of dazzlingly brilliant facets, desire, wealth, style, fashion, elegance and the ability to last forever. Combined with the diamond’s long history of storied romance and intrigue, the gem’s unsurpassed beauty and a remarkable world wide De Beers marketing campaign spearheaded with the slogan, “A Diamond is Forever” diamonds can be found on the fingers of brides from Cape to Cairo, from Shangai to Svetlovodsk.Mark Schneider bridal diamond engagement rings celebrate love and this timeless intimacy with over 200 engagement ring designs  and matching wedding bands, handcrafted with care and attention to detail in Long Beach, California. Proud designs taken from Mark’s imagination based on nature, architectural form and functionality, the engagement rings feature a “Secret Heart ” nestled where only the wearer can see it. Within the Secret Heart is a laser inscribed diamond with the simplest message, “Love You Forever.” No other engagement ring offers this enduring symbol of romance; this promise of the heart. Many are shopping for unique engagement rings . Mark Schneider Design offers a variety of diamond shapes.