Diamonds are no longer reserved for the ladies; men have officially been invited to the diamond brigade. Although it may seem like a new trend, men have worn diamonds and gemstones for centuries. Ancient Egyptian men wore gemstones as a symbol of power, wealth, and masculinity. Today, men wear diamonds and gemstones for a variety of reasons, but the effect is the same: diamonds for men is undeniably on-trend. Whether a diamond-encrusted accessory is for yourself or a man in your life, follow these simple tips to fully understand the partnership between men and diamonds.




When women wear diamonds it is often about shining as bright as possible and showcasing the largest gemstone. Although men often wear oversized colored gemstones, diamonds are slightly different. When it comes to men and diamonds, it’s important to remember that smaller is better. This may feel counterintuitive because of the prevailing message that “bigger is better,” but small doesn’t mean inferior. In fact, the quality of diamonds found in designer men’s jewelry is the same as women’s jewelry. To embrace the look of male diamonds, opt for diamonds that shine lightly and you’ll be sure to turn heads in all the right ways.




In male jewelry the diamonds may be smaller, but there are more of them. In other words, be on the lookout for multiple small diamonds in rings. Instead of one large diamond like in women’s jewelry, male jewelry will showcase multiple rocks. Typically, the diamonds are displayed in geometric shapes that range from straight lines to elaborate designs. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out the Men’s Twilight Sapphire Band.




In men’s jewelry, diamonds are often given a supporting role. Typically, rings for men will boast a large colored gemstone. The colored gemstone can range from sapphire to jade and everything in between. Instead of serving as the focal point, the diamonds serve as crucial accent marks. Often, the diamonds will encircle the gemstone or wrap around a ring’s band. When shopping for male jewelry with diamonds, it’s important to remember that the trends are different than those for women. Embrace the differences and you’ll be sure to find the perfect combination.