Idiosyncrasies are the things people do that are specific or particular to them as individuals. Picking pieces that flatter your aesthetic and suit your personality help to determine what type of designer jewelry is your signature style.

One of the simplest factors in determining what type of jewelry best suits you is the type of activity you do. Are you constantly using your hands for activities like rock climbing or painting? If so, rings may not be the best style of designer jewelry for you, but earrings might be a better selection. Designer rings are better suited for individuals in white collar positions, such as executive or managerial work, running a gallery—any occupation in which you are interacting with people, but not manually exerting yourself.

For those who are active or whose daily lives require a significant amount of physical work, earrings or necklaces are an ideal choice. Active lifestyles often require minimal interference from outside factors—such as hair or jewelry—and designer jewelry items like necklaces or earrings allow for the incorporation of adornment that does not distract from whatever task is at hand.

After figuring out what piece of jewelry best suits your lifestyle and personality, the next task is to figure out which type of jewelry you want to incorporate into your aesthetic persona. The first impression we make is a visual one, and the way we adorn ourselves can convey the impression we wish to represent. A necklace is a more playful jewelry item, perfect for a whimsical personality. Earrings on the other hand are a sexier, more sultry jewelry style. Earrings draw attention to the face and curve of the neck, while rings are classically sophisticated and effortlessly refined.  

Picking a jewelry style can be the first step toward creating an iconic image for yourself. By picking a type of jewelry that suits you and then adapting it into your daily fashion routine, you can create your very own signature look.

Like hoop earrings for Regina George in Mean Girls, or a string of pearls for Audrey Hepburn’s portrayal of Holly Golightly, one jewelry choice can become representative of your overall fashion persona.

The thing to remember when making a signature jewelry decision is that the persona you create is established over time, so there is freedom to experiment with the image you want to create while you’re creating it.