Very few jewelry pairings offer the same possibility of glamour and sophistication as earrings and necklaces. Because they share the same space on the body, it’s critical to create the perfect match every time. After all, nothing looks worse than a disjointed earrings and necklace pairing. Surprisingly, complementary doesn’t necessarily mean matching. Instead, it is important to create a look that is cohesive and well defined. For the best results, try your hand at one of the pairings below.

1) Bold Necklace and Stud Earrings
Statement necklaces have been incredibly popular for the past few years and it seems that they are here to stay. Even though statement necklaces are bold, earrings can still work well with them. The key to a successful pairing is stud earrings. Because statement necklaces are large, it’s best to follow an old, but useful rule: opposites attract. By pairing a big necklace with small earrings that don’t dangle or infringe upon the necklace, both items are able to shine. For example, the Fire and Ice Agate Pendant looks simply stunning when paired with the Rectangular Citrine Earrings.

2) Contrasting Shapes
Utilizing contrasting shapes is another great way to create a cohesive look with necklaces and earrings. Pairing necklaces with earrings that have the same shape can create an overall affect that is overwhelming. To ensure that your outfit is complementary and not all consuming, opt for pieces that are different shapes. Often, this can be as simple as pairing circular earrings with a square-inspired necklace. Another great pairing is triangular and square. Because the shapes are similar, the pairing simultaneously creates a fun illusion and a creative ensemble. The possibilities are seemingly endless; so don’t be afraid to experiment.

3) Sparkle and Color
Although it is an age-old match, the pairing of sparkle and color is truly spectacular. The pairing is simple: choose a colorful gemstone necklace and pair it with sparkling or colorless earrings. Of course, the reverse is possible too. Choose a sparkling or colorless necklace and pair it with colorful earrings. The difference in color creates a nice contrast that ensures your pairing is fresh and fun. When searching for the colorless or sparkling piece, pay close attention to diamonds and pearls, as they will be the most likely to provide the translucent look you desire.