So, you’re finally ready to get down on one knee, pull out that diamond engagement ring and ask that infamous question - “Will you marry me?”.  The only thing missing is the engagement ring!  Before you jump into the world of diamond shopping and the 4 C’s, you must determine your budget.

Rule of Thumb is that you should plan on spending two to three months salary on the engagement ring.  Of course, this is a good place to start, but the reality is that your budget should reflect your current lifestyle.  Buying an engagement ring is one of the biggest buying decisions you’ll ever make, so having a budget is critically important.  
At Mark Schneider Design, we have many options available to accommodate any size budget.  Some of these include:
  1. Custom designing  an engagement ring using heirloom stones
  2. Adapting a current design to fit your budget & lifestyle
  3. Consider an engagement ring with alternative stones such as a blue sapphire  or a pink tourmaline 
We know that creating a budget is not one of the most exciting things to do when getting engaged, but it is extremely important to financially start off on the right foot as a married couple.  Remember, she’s worth every penny (and more), and having a budget will ensure that you give her something spectacular without breaking the bank.