Engagement ring customization ideas 2022

While there are certain styles of engagement rings that last throughout generations, there are also always trends that cycle through popularity at different times, depending upon styles and celebrity influence. Some of these trends last longer than others (yellow gold in the '70s and '80s) and some come back in style sooner than others manage to (different shaped center stones). 2022 has brought some fun engagement ring customization ideas that might even last the test of time.

Here are our top three engagement ring customization ideas to help inspire your ring's design.

  1. Ring Metal Customization

Traditional style rings tend to be solitaires (single stone) on a white or yellow gold narrow band. Even though traditional style rings are beautiful, you can take a traditional style ring and put a twist on it. For example, instead of a plain band to go around your finger, opt for a twisted rope style with two or three strands (braided). You can opt for a wider band, which immediately gives your ring a different look. You can also add engraving, which adds a personal touch either on the visible areas of your ring, as seen in our Lace design, or hidden inside the band with a secret message just for the wearer. 


There are many engraving styles to choose from - floral, art deco, geometric, just to name a few - so you can cater the ring to your individual style. And there’s nothing to say that all rings must have a bright high polish finish. There are so many great finishes that you can add to metal - sandblast, satin, hammer, florentine - your jeweler should have options to show you, or do a little research to figure out which one you prefer, as 2022 brought the matte trend (like the side of the leaves on our Lilac ring, below).

Another option similar to engraving is called filigree, where there are open carved areas of metal, like in our Sincerity ring (shown below). This is an intricate process, but can make your ring incredibly unique. Milgrain is another addition that can be used to customize your engagement ring. Milgrain is a fine metal beading of (typically) the edges of the ring, like in our Jasmine ring (also shown below)


In regards to the metal, you can also choose to mix and match your metal colors. Of course, two tone rings have been around for a while, but when you customize your ring with different metal colors (why stop at two?) you are really making sure that it’s one of a kind.

If you desire a stronger contrast, you can also mix up your metal karats, for example 14 karat white gold and 18 karat yellow gold (a brighter yellow than 14 karat). This will greatly enhance and make visible the difference between the two metal colors. You may want to even set fancy yellow diamonds in the yellow gold section and white diamonds in the white gold section. 

  1. Colored Gemstones

A very popular trend for engagement rings in 2022 is to use colored gemstones. There are gemstones in every color of the rainbow, and so many shades in between. Check out some color options below:

  • Red - ruby, mozambique garnet, spinel
  • Orange - citrine, topaz, spessartite garnet, fire opal
  • Yellow - topaz, sapphire, quartz
  • Green - emerald, tsavorite garnet, tourmaline, alexandrite, peridot
  • Blue - sapphire, aquamarine, tanzanite, topaz, tourmaline
  • Purple - amethyst, sapphire, alexandrite
  • Pink - sapphire, tourmaline, morganite, quartz, spinel, zircon

There are even color-changing stones (sapphires, tourmalines, tanzanites, alexandrites), which appear to be different colors depending upon the light source (UV vs LED). Colored gemstones can be set as the center stone or as side stones, if you choose to incorporate them. Set one stone in each of your favorite colors (or birthstones for sentimentality) for a totally unique look. 

If you would rather not have a center stone, that’s totally okay too. Another huge trend for 2022 is to have a cluster-style ring instead of one main stone. Sometimes the smaller stones that make up the cluster are all the same shape and size, or other times it’s a random mix of diamond or gemstone shapes, sizes, and colors. This is a great way to show off your personality if you feel that you’re a little eclectic.

When selecting colored gemstones for your everyday ring, you may want to consult the Moh’s scale of hardness to ensure you select a stone that is durable enough that it won’t get chipped or cracked easily. 

  1. Bring Back Vintage

Another ring customization idea for 2022 is bringing back the vintage style. Vintage rings are all the rage right now and it’s a really fun trend that might remind you of your parents' or grandparents' wedding rings. Typically yellow gold and featuring engraving, milgrain, and alternative diamond shapes, the vintage style can be beautiful and unique. There are many different diamond shape options that lend themselves to the vintage look. A few that we recommend are marquise, old european cut (round stones with a different number of facets than today’s traditional round brilliant cut diamond) or rose cut (has a faceted rounded top and a flat bottom). Rose cut diamonds also come in different shapes, such as round, pear, oval etc. A few examples of vintage style rings are our Cherish and Infinity (shown below).



When it comes to customizing your engagement ring, essentially, the options are endless. But hopefully this has given you a few ideas to get you started on your very own unique engagement ring design.