For most men, engagement ring shopping ranks highly on the list of stressful activities. Not only is there a budget to consider, but there is also the possibility of choosing the wrong ring. Many women dream of their wedding ceremony, and the daydreams don’t stop there. The engagement story is just as important as the day itself. Whether your future wife is a diehard romantic and secretly desires a candlelit proposal on the beach or your lady appreciates funny surprises like a fortune cookie proposal, it’s important to get it right. After all, your proposal story is with you for life. But before concocting the perfect plan, you need to find the perfect ring. In order to keep your ring related stress to a minimum, follow the surprisingly effective strategies below.

1)Shopping Solo

Only the boldest of men could choose his future wife’s engagement ring alone. But even the bravest men need help sometimes. Even if your strategy is to completely and totally surprise your better half, it is still possible to do sneaky research. At the very least, it is absolutely crucial that you know your partner’s ring style preference. In general, there are three engagement styles: contemporary, traditional and vintage. Figuring out your girlfriend’s preferences can be as simple as talking to her friends, looking at her Pinterest or taking note of her personal style. Once you know the type of ring she prefers, narrowing it down will be a breeze. Because rings of the same style are relatively similar, it will be easy to choose a ring that best suits her personal style. For example, the Infinity Ring is the perfect choice for a girl with vintage tastes.

2)Looking Together

Looking for a ring together is perhaps the most popular option because you choose the ring together and then come back and buy it alone. This strategy allows for a surprise proposal, but also ensures that you have chosen the correct ring. In order to fully take advantage of the time in which you are both in the store, be sure to take note of the ring, alterations, engravings, and size. With this knowledge under your belt, you are sure to create a dream proposal for the woman of your dreams.

3)Buying Together

Although some people might argue that buying a ring together takes the romance out of a proposal, the truth is that communication creates the best experience of all. If you are planning on buying the ring with your fiancé present, remember that it’s okay to take multiple trips to the jewelry store and take your time.