Engagement Ring Trends

Trends in the engagement ring world are different than those in the larger world of fashion. Fashion trends come and go, sometimes lasting for years but other times for merely a few months. In the sphere of bridal jewelry, trends are forever because they are subtle updates to classic looks. Don’t shy away from fearlessly following engagement ring trends. Marriage is for a lifetime, and improved classics are as well.

1)      Floral

Floral engagement rings have become popular in a big way. Adding flowers and blooms along the sides of bands gives rings an effortlessly romantic feel and creates a ring that is guaranteed to bring happiness for a lifetime. Designs range from small diamond flowers to more abstract interpretations. If typical floral designs feel overwhelming, try a subtler floral look. The Bloom engagement ring incorporates elements of floral design with understated vines, but your sparkling diamond serves as the “flower.”

2)      Halo

Engagement rings with halo settings have been popular among brides-to-be for quite some time and their popularity is only increasing. However, the classic halo setting has gotten some fabulous updates. Double-tiered halo settings create a spotlight for your center diamond. The Angelic engagement ring combines the sought-after halo with a thin twisted band and the result is stunning. Subtle tweaks to the traditional halo setting prove that change is in the air and it’s never looked more glamorous.

3)      Organic Lines

An engagement ring with organic lines will add a modern edge to any classic design. Whether you’re a contemporary woman through and through or the organic beauty just captured your eye, it’s hard to go wrong with fluid lines. The best part of this trend is that there are numerous ways to incorporate it. As mentioned above, rings with organic lines look great with any diamond setting, and they can also look incredible with a classic solitaire. Incorporating the traditional raised diamond centerpiece, the Beloved engagement ring gives the classic design a subtle facelift. But don’t shy away from statement pieces either. The Luxury engagement ring is a conversation piece for ages.

Whatever your style, be true to yourself and don’t forget to enjoy the process. You’ll have your ring for an entire lifetime, but have only one chance to experience the wedding journey.