It is always difficult to balance fashion and professionalism, especially for women. An attempt to be taken seriously as a professional, sometimes leads to the feeling of being stuffy or overly formal. However, on the flipside lies the danger of being too fashionable and giving the impression of being oblivious about business dress standards. The key to incorporating designer jewelry into the business world is moderation and subtlety.

When in a professional atmosphere, it is important to remember to balance jewelry trends with the demeanor of the business setting. For instance, if you enjoy incorporating colored gemstones into your designer jewelry repertoire, the most important tip to remember is not to make the jewelry distracting. Colored gemstone earrings can be paired with a dress or a pants suit that subtly matches the color of the gemstone. As for more demure attire—such as a high collared blouse, kitten heels, and slacks—more adventurous designer jewelry, like statement necklaces, can be incorporated.

Incorporating men’s jewelry into the business setting can also be difficult, as men tend to avoid jewelry for fear of appearing effeminate. However, this fear is definitely an antiquated one, considering many masculine moguls favor designer jewelry of some sort—usually a unique ring. For the fashion-savvy man, incorporating designer jewelry in the business setting is demonstrative of confidence and style. Jay-Z is the perfect example of incorporating jewelry into business attire in a traditional, masculine manner—such as ornate watches and gypsy setting rings. For men in the boardroom environment, cufflinks and men’s engagement rings are the most natural and subtle types of jewelry to include.

The best role model for women to keep in mind when dressing for the business environment is Lois Lane. In scenarios where you are unsure of what is appropriate, it is best to ask yourself, “What would Lois do?” Ms. Lane is the ideal role model because she manages to be a no-nonsense journalist without sacrificing fashion. When in doubt of how to incorporate designer jewelry into the business sphere, remember that Lois Lane would include something subtle that in no way interferes with her ability to get her job done. Earrings are the easiest and most obvious recommendation for unobtrusive jewelry—they are so unobtrusive for the wearer it is easy to forget you’re even wearing them. The trick is to find out which type of jewelry is the least distracting to you.