Summer is well underway and in the world of fashion and jewelry that means one thing: fall fashion. Although it may be tempting to focus on summer living, the summer season is actually the best time to prepare for fall accessories and become one with future fall trends. This fall season, our five favorite jewelry trends are simple, elegant, and fun.

1)      Floral Neckline

Fashion runways are known for extremes and the floral neckline trend is no exception. Fashion designers like Dolce & Gabbana and Givenchy showcased floral necklines through the use of oversized flower and vine neckwear. Although stunning, it might be difficult to pull off such an over-the-top look at the office or a dinner party with friends. Instead, incorporate the floral neckline trend in your fall wardrobe with floral pendants. Pieces like the Laurel Pendant pendant provide an effortless floral touch to any outfit.

2)      Multiple Rings

Fall runways were alight with rings. In fact, the resounding trend was wearing multiple rings on one hand. A prevalent trend in summer 2014 as well, multiple rings will be sticking around for at least another season. When creating a multi-ring look try to find ring shapes that complement one another, but always remember to be bold and don’t shy away from a mix and match finger ensemble.

3)      Cuffs

Cuffs are back in a big way. Known for being dramatic arm candy, cuffed bracelets are statement pieces that can add pizzazz to any outfit. For fall, be sure to utilize unique cuff designs and bold primary colors.

4)      Pendant Earrings

As a timeless accessory, pendant earrings are hard to ignore. But this season, pendant earrings are making a modern day comeback. In fact, the bigger the earring, the better. Fall 2014 accessories are all about drama, individual flair, and taking risks. Don’t be afraid to go big when it comes to earrings. If your ears are feeling overwhelmed, try wearing the larger pendant earrings with your hair down or halfback in order to offset the potential severity. Feeling bold? Wear dangling pendant earrings with an elegant bun.

5)      Gold Earrings

If large earrings aren’t quite your style, try incorporating gold this season. Rose gold has been all the rage for the past few years, but this fall, yellow gold is back. Whether studs or chandeliers, utilize yellow gold earrings as a way to highlight your stunning face.