As summer comes to a close and fall weather approaches, slowly the leaves change from lush greens to an autumnal palate of reds, oranges, and yellows. Along with the shifting of the weather and the flora comes the ushering in of new fashion trends. This year’s fall 2013 runway fashions revolve around four major trends: chains, big and bright stacked rings, animal motifs, and bold statement pieces.

Chains—both necklaces and bracelets—were featured on the runways by designer Lanvin in a variety of styles. The diversity of chain style from subtle, sophisticated, and subdued to oversized campy plastic pieces lends to endless possibilities for fun fall fashion. Gold, silver, and gunmetal chains can be dressed up or down while plastic chains are the perfect type of fun and frivolous fashion for a night out.

Dior hit the runway supporting an array of stacked rings featuring bright colors and big stones. The trend of bright and colorful stacked rings brings a splash of summer to the more subdued colors of fall.

Animal themed jewelry made its debut on the runaway on the models of Chloe. Whether you’re interested in wrap-around snake rings, cat stud earrings, bejeweled lobster brooches, or bunny necklaces, animal themed jewelry is trending. Animal jewelry is simultaneously sultry and whimsical, allowing the wearer a wide array of fashion options.

Emilio Pucci wowed audiences with ornate and extravagant statement pieces—both bracelets and necklaces. Statement pieces amp the pizazz of any outfit with intricate patterns, colorful details, and vast shapes. Statement pieces also add glamor to the most basic or subdued outfit by preventing it from being bland.

Have fun mixing and matching these exciting fall trends for all the major holidays and figuring out which trend best suits you.