Autumn is upon us—the wind is starting to turn brisk, the leaves are starting to change hue, and the fall colors are starting to fill the shops. Fall is the season of earth tones and jewel tones that reflect the changing of the flora. During fall we have the opportunity to fervently embrace colored gemstones, chocolate diamonds, and traditional yellow gold.

The fall season is the time to embrace richer hues that reflect not only the changing scenery but also set the mood for the coming holidays. Deep golds, warm rich browns, vibrant reds, and luxurious purples take over the color scheme for fall and help put us in the mood for the seasonal festivities. Colored gemstones in particular are ideal for the fall—when else do you get the opportunity to combine red, green, brown, and purple gemstones all at once

Brown diamonds are underrated colored gemstones that are perfect for the fall color palette. Warm rich brown and vibrant canary yellow diamonds pair well together, but they also function as perfect accent gemstones for more brightly colored options such as emeralds, rubies, and amethysts. Amber colored stones and opals don’t get as much love during the fall season as they should. Both provide a warm and crisp splash of autumnal color to any fall ensemble.

For those of you who love the aesthetic of yellow gold but shy away from it because white gold is seen as more popular, fear not! Fall is the season for yellow gold. The classic gold band that many have come to overlook for more contemporary metal choices is actually the ideal metal selection for autumn. The time-honored metal provides a superb contrast for the colored gemstones of fall. Yellow gold not only matches the earth-tone hues of fall, but it also provides a regal touch when paired with colored gemstones.

Fall fashion allows for an array of color options, so make sure to utilize your colored gemstones to the fullest!