Leaves have begun to slowly fall from the trees and the air is subtly crisper. Fall has arrived, and with it a new season of weddings has begun. The fall wedding is a soft, warm, and beautiful affair. With the temperature not quite hot, but not yet chilly, it is truly the perfect season for a gorgeous ceremony. To get the most out of a stunning autumn backdrop, embrace the season when planning your big day. By noting these three simple jewelry trends, your fall nuptials are guaranteed to be the talk of the year.


From decorations to cake trimmings, lace is huge for fall weddings. Of course, nothing is more popular this season than lace dresses. Whether the entire dress is lace or merely the train, lace is no longer something from your grandmother’s wedding day. In fact, lace has gotten an update. Naked lace is the number one fall wedding trend. Essentially, lace is “naked” when it is set against a nude backdrop. When used for a wedding dress, the result is truly stunning and creates a beautifully simple romantic style for the bride. Complement lace details with understated and minimalistic jewelry. By opting for classics like small diamonds and pearls, the romance of lace is amplified and the overall look is classic chic.


Jewel tones are an undisputable part of fall and fall weddings are no exception. From deep magentas to dark blues, jewel tones add a sensual element to your big day without going over the top. Most designers incorporate jewel tones in a fall wedding’s color scheme, but daring brides are taking jewel tones a step further. Colored gemstone jewelry adds flair and drama to a bride’s outfit and jewel-toned gems are the perfect accessory for autumn brides. The Flourishing Tanzanite Earrings would be an excellent place to start.


One of the biggest trends for fall weddings this season is unique hairstyles. The two most prominent styles are cropped cuts and loose braids. Both styles are quickly becoming staples for women tying the knot in autumn. Of course, both styles draw attention to the bride’s face. In order to avoid a look that is too harsh, it’s important to opt for earrings that are true showstoppers. When sporting a short or pulled back hairstyle, choose earrings that are playful yet still make a statement. Dangling earrings are emerging as a favorite for fall brides and with hairstyles that draw attention to the bride’s face, it’s easy to see why. Regardless of styles or trends, be sure to remember that your wedding day is a day of celebration, and never forget to enjoy your special moment.