Father’s Day Jewelry Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is the time of year to celebrate the important men in your life. Whether you’re celebrating the father of your children or the man who raised you, you can show how much you care with a perfect gift. Men are notoriously hard to buy gifts for, so we’ve taken a page from Mother’s Day celebrations and present the best kept secret: jewelry for Father’s Day. We’ve found the perfect piece of jewelry for every “type” of dad.

1)      The Classic Dad

The classic dad mows the lawn on the weekends; he never missed a single one of your basketball games when you were a kid and he works hard for his family. His wardrobe consists of timeless classics: jeans, quality t-shirts, and quite a few nice suits. The perfect gift for the classic dad is a classic itself: cufflinks. The classic dad values quality over quantity and a pair of sophisticated cufflinks will last a lifetime.

2)      The Sentimental Dad

The sentimental dad wrote notes for your lunchbox when you were a kid and still has every drawing you produced when you were a budding Picasso. He values quality time and heartfelt expressions of love. The perfect gift for the sentimental dad is made to order jewelry. Work with a skilled jewelry designer to create something breathtaking and meaningful this Father’s Day. Incorporate his favorite colors, gemstones and even shapes for a truly personal gift. The look on his face when he opens it will be truly priceless.

3)      The Dapper Dad

The dapper dad enjoys classy nights out and any excuse to wear a suit. Whether his favorite pastime is attending plays or sipping cocktails on rooftop bars, he is a man who taught you the importance of sophistication. Return the favor this Father’s Day by surprising him with a gemstone ring. Men’s rings are for the bold and fashionable, and your dapper dad is just that.

4)      The Stylish Dad

The stylish dad follows the trends and throughout the years you’ve seen his style continually evolve. Because of him, you’re a fearless trendsetter. Help your stylish dad stay on top of the trends this Father’s Day with the gift of a brooch or pin. The latest in menswear accessories, pins add flair and personality to suit lapels and collared shirts.

Regardless of “type,” show the men in your life appreciation this Father’s Day with unique gifts that will leave them with a happy heart.