We'd like to share with you some drawings and thoughts from our wonderful intern, Chelsea!

"With the aspiration to develop a career as a jewelry designer, I am an intern at Mark Schneider Design and I am studying Fashion Merchandising at California State University Long Beach. I am currently taking a course titled Fashion Promotion and Sales, in which I’ve been learning how to plan, direct, and evaluate promotion activities, including publicity in fashion magazines. For a class project, I had the opportunity to create my own magazine with original content—everything from the advertisements to the articles. I formed a jewelry magazine with a feature article interviewing Mark Schneider along with a five page editorial spread displaying some of his best designs. For this visual content, I hand-painted water color portraits of models and used Photoshop to accessorize them with earrings, rings, and pendants. Here is the first of these five pages, showcasing items from Mark’s fire opal collection."