Floral Flourishes – Flowers are some of the most effortlessly beautiful details in nature. Get inspired by these man-made floral creations. Lovely Leaves – marschneiderdesign.com (Mystic)

Golden Designs – Yellow gold is back as a strong trend for engagement rings. Pick a traditional style or a design that’s more one of a kind. Diamond Wrap – markschneiderdesign.com (Bedazzle)

Simply Classic – It might have been Brooklyn Decker’s rock-hard body that caught Andy Roddick’s eye, but it was a classic solitaire that won her heart. Her elegant white diamond ring is timeless and will never go out of style. Twisted Prongs – markschneiderdesign.com (Beloved)

Matching Sets – If you’re the type who’s finicky over things not matching, having an engagement ring and a wedding band of two vastly different styles might not be your cup of tea. Luckily, you can purchase matching sets that perfectly complement each other. If you’ve already got your engagement ring, match your band to your future husband’s. Mark Schneider Design 0 A unique loopy design with an appropriate matching band. (Amore)