Spring is a time of rebirth. The sun begins to reappear after months of hiding and the morning breeze no longer has an undercurrent of frosty wind. Trees regain their blossoms and the world begins to feel warmer and more alive. But perhaps the biggest visual change that occurs during the beautiful months of spring is flowers. Dead stalks suddenly become vibrant stems that boast gorgeous flowers as sidewalks are filled with stunning blooms. In the same way the natural world celebrates flowers and florals during the spring, the fashion world does as well. From stunning floral prints on clothes to vibrant floral inspired jewelry, spring is a season in bloom.

1)Think Outside the Box

When it comes to floral inspired jewelry, it’s best to get creative. Often, floral elements are subtly incorporated into the overall design of an accessory. For example, a ring’s band may utilize “vines” that artfully flank either side of the ring’s center. Although understated, components of spring are present in the ring. Similarly, “flower” shaped jewelry comes in all different sizes and designs. Be on the lookout for geometric or unusual “buds.”  The Rose Cut Diamond Spring Pendant is an example of a delightfully unique floral design.


During spring, the world seems as if it is in technicolor. Trees boast purple blossoms and flowers range in color from pink to yellow and everything in between.  As the natural world changes from dark brown to delightfully colorful, it’s time for your accessories to follow suit. One of the best ways to incorporate spring florals is through colors! Although not in the same shape or form as traditional floral prints or patterns, colorful jewelry is the perfect springtime ode to flowers. If you’re feeling especially festive, opt for jewelry that incorporates both colorful hues and flower motifs. For example, the Ruby Mesmerize Ring utilizes both bright colors and a floral design with a gemstone flanked by “petals” on either side.


As mentioned, floral designs can include everything from colors to vines and flowers to blossoms. The possibilities are truly endless, but leaf details are often overlooked. Stand out from the crowd this spring by choosing jewelry that has leaves as part of the design. One of the best ways to do so is through leaves in the ring design. Following the lead of the Ruby Mesmerize Ring, opt for rings that utilize “leaves” as a frame for the main gemstone. You’ll be guaranteed to shine!