Popular culture is an interesting thing. While everyone participates in pop culture in one way or another, most would not openly embrace their geekery outside of certain socially specified realms, such as comic conventions or outings with friends. Not everyone feels comfortable letting his or her geek flag fly, sometimes out of (unnecessary) embarrassment, other times out of the fear of not being taken seriously in a professional setting. However, there are subtle ways in which hardcore geeks can incorporate their favorite fandom in the outfits and accessories they wear. The trick is to surreptitiously slip the fantastic into the realms of the mundane.

Designer jewelry provides a subtle platform through which geekery can be embraced in creative yet demure ways. Customizing your jewelry to reflect your favorite fandom may sound daunting, but it is much easier than you might imagine.

When embracing your favorite fandom in your jewelry choices, details are key: knowing minute details of your comic/book/television universe of choice can allow you to successfully incorporate subtle geek fashion in your look. For instance, if you are a fan of the Harry Potter book series some obvious elements you could incorporate would be glasses, owls, or lightning bolts. However, some other details that could be utilized are elements like books to represent Hermione’s insatiable hunger for knowledge; or fans of Luna Lovegood may look for earrings that resemble radishes.

The key to incorporating your favorite fandom in subtle ways is to know details of your favorite fandom and find designs that do not obviously reflect important symbols or themes from that fan universe. For instance, superhero lovers can search out rings or necklaces that include hammer charms for Thor, or coordinate their color scheme to red, white, and blue to show love for Captain America. The better you know the fandom, the more nuanced you can be in the representation of your favorite character.

By incorporating your favorite fandom in subtle ways, it is almost as if you will be creating your own secret identity—like Wonder Woman you secretly pay homage to your true identity while going about your non-hero duties.