Mark recently hosted a Gemstone Round Table with award winning gemstone cutter Stephen Avery. A select group of individuals were invited to participate, view and purchase extraordinary, one of a kind gemstones. During the presentation, they were encouraged to ask questions and Avery gave an exhilarating account of his travels buying unusual gemstones and the process by which he achieves his fiery cuts. Mark was inspired to purchase several stones, which he plans to use to create new designs to showcase Avery’s incredible technique and creativity. 

Having traveled all over the world looking for rough, including five safaris to east Africa, he is incredibly knowledgeable about stones in their natural state and appreciates their beauty, which has allowed him to master the art of gemstone cutting. Avery has created some of the most beautiful stones available and has been honored with several American Gem Trade Associate Cutting Edge Awards.

Most of Avery’s career is based on the triangle, known for creating the trillion - a cushioned-off triangle - and most recently inventing the triopp (triangular opposed bar) and quadopp (a four-sided version, shaped like an emerald cut).  His designs appeal to designers looking for clean cut stones with a bit of an edge to set their designs apart from others. A master at cutting, it is certain that Avery will continue to push the boundaries of gemstone cutting.