Fondly known as “The Golden State,” California is a unique and delightful part of America. The California-based band, The Red Hot Chili Peppers lovingly state, “It is the edge of the world and all of Western civilization.” As the state furthest west, the lyric is fitting. Often considered a role model for the rest of the nation regarding technological advances, environmental issues, and education, California is a place unlike anywhere else. Fittingly, California’s history is distinctive as well. Long before Europeans ever set foot on the California coast, Native Americans settled the Californian desert. During the 17th century, the Spaniards claimed what would later become the state of California, and in 1821, the native people of California fought a war for independence and officially became a part of Mexico. Then in 1848, California became the 31st state of the United States of America. Despite the state’s ups and downs during its early years, California has emerged as a national leader. To pay homage to the great state of California, follow the California-inspired jewelry trends below.

1)      Ocean

It’s hard to think of California without also imagining the beautiful blue sea along the California coast. In many ways, California and the ocean are synonymous. In fact, the official color for the state is blue. To tap into the beauty of California’s greatest natural treasure, try jewelry pieces that are reminiscent of the ocean. Although blue hued pieces are a great place to start, the possibilities are endless. The Blue Chalcedony Earrings serves as a beautiful reminder of the ocean’s creatures, while the Escape Engagement Ring is suggestive of a cresting wave.

2)      Trendsetters

From the Native Americans who originally settled in California’s unforgiving desert to the pioneers who embarked on an often-fatal wagon ride in hopes of reaching the golden coast of California, people who dared to go against the norm founded California. Follow in the footsteps of California’s ancestors by opting for jewelry pieces that are out of the ordinary. Whether you choose a purple colored gemstone or a breathtaking new design, never be afraid to stand out.

3)      Yellow

California’s official color may be blue, but the unofficial color is the yellow hue of a full sun. The sun shines in California almost 365 days a year and is a defining feature of the aptly named “Golden State.” Take inspiration from California’s seemingly endless sunshine and opt for pieces of jewelry that boast yellow or orange gemstones. After all, the state flower is the bright and beautiful “California Poppy.”