This holiday season, we’re grateful for countless things. Loving families, warm drinks, and cozy blankets are merely a few of the things for which we’re grateful. But when it comes to jewelry trends, we’re thankful for three very specific things: colorful pieces, sparkling gems, and unique accessories. Jewelry is a constant companion and often serves as a symbol for something deeply personal like a lifelong commitment or unconditional love. This season, we’re thankful for the beauty and joy that jewelry brings.

1)      Colorful Pieces

From blazing opals to the calming blue of aquamarine, colorful jewelry is truly spectacular. Not only is it possible to choose gemstone jewelry according to mood or season, but also it’s simple to choose pieces that are personally appealing. Whether you have a signature color or enjoy owning gemstones that are every color imaginable, colorful jewelry pieces add an element of fun to a day at the office or a night out on the town. This season, experiment with a new or unexpected color and enjoy the novelty of a wearing a vibrant piece of art.

2)      Sparkling Gems

Whether you’re the queen of sparkle or merely a single diamond kind of girl, there’s something spectacular about wearing jewelry that shines. Glimmering earrings create a glow around your face, while twinkling rings seem to elongate fingers. Regardless of whether a day is overcast or sunny, sparkling jewelry pieces add brilliance to every single day. If you’re unsure how to get started with sparkle, fear not. The easiest place to begin is an understated, yet elegant pendant. Check out the Diamond & Quartz Pendant for inspiration. This season, we’re thankful for the ability to sparkle—both inside and out.

3)      Unique Accessories

When it comes to accessorizing, it’s all about personal style. From customized cocktail rings to elaborate necklaces, jewelry is the perfect arena for personal taste because the possibilities are endless. This year, we’re especially thankful for stunning pins. They can be carefully attached to bags as statement pieces or can be artfully positioned to keep hair in place. Pins provide endless fun. Whether your favorite unique accessory is a pin or a layered necklace, never be afraid to express yourself through jewelry. This season, choose accessories that make you smile.